Tuesday, August 31, 2010

happy, happy, happy

I am so happy because we found a store to sell us a European connecting cable for my laptop. After lots of help from Fanny, our concierge, and the sales person at the store near Rennes, an hour away, we are all set. The language has been a problem for us this time because in these smaller villages no one speaks English, not even the young high school kids! So, lots of hand gestures and "aah, yes", when we don't understand a word anyone is saying. So here I sit on Tuesday afternoon getting caught up on this blog. I will start by posting a few more photos from Sunday and then start another post for Monday.
Sunday, after our deliciously fresh market lunch, I needed a nap, so I slept while Paul "read", probably with his eyes closed! We walked into town, about a 20 minute walk from our cottage. Most of the shops were closed but we got our bearings of the village. I tell you, I could live in this village of Cancale. I love the architecture of the homes, the small town atmosphere and the people are so nice. But I'm sure when you are on vacation everything is beautiful, right?
Dinner, Sunday night was an experience, from a sailing team of rowdy boys making their way into the restaurant on parade, to my trying all sorts of fruits de mer. Warning, the video might make some squeamish! We finished the night with a walk around the port.
Ok I am done for tonight. After 2 hours, the second video was still not uploaded. I'll try again tomorrow.


Geri said...

Great post! That cottage is gorgeous - I would love to live in a small town like that - any like that in the USA??? You should have taken me along as your French translator! ha ha!