Sunday, August 29, 2010

living like a local

Last night we walked down to the port to have a typical, local, prix fix meal. First course, oysters...briny and delicious. Then Paul had salmon and I had mussels and frites. The meal was outstanding and inexpensive. We also tasted the local cidre and had sorbet for dessert.
The first night is always the most difficult for sleeping, but there were no problems last night. The fresh air and the walk to the port were enough to finish us off. We were exhausted from the travel.
This morning we awoke to a basket of fresh bread, croissant, cake and crepes at our door, along with fresh yogurt. Our cottage is stalked with fruit juice, coffee, butter and jam. Can you tell I'm a foodie. I just love all this local, fresh food.
After breakfast we walked to church where we saw the most adorable children. They were all dressed so cute and were so misbehaved during mass. Just like at home, somethings don't change when you are on vacation! The church had a maritime theme with memorials set up for the men and women who gave their lives during WWII, and other wars.
This is a very seafaring village. You see lots of striped tops and shirts, typical of the French navy.
After church, we walked through the weekly market set up on the streets of Cancale where we bought a small roast chicken, potatoes, sausage, cheese, eggs and some fruit. We made lunch and will have plenty left to snack on and make some eggs for breakfast in the morning.
This afternoon we went to one of the lookout points that overlooks the oyster beds. They go on for many hectares. You can even see Mont Saint Michel in the far off distance. That's our plan for tomorrow.


Geri said...

Would love to see some pics of you guys along the way and also some local people. Maybe some of those striped shirts you're talking about. Really look forward to the next post!