Saturday, August 28, 2010

we have finally arrived

We finally arrived at the Maison de Bricourt in Cancale, France at 4:45 pm on Saturday. We left our house at 6 am on Friday. All the flights were great and the train ride to Rennes seemed sooo long, because by now we were very tired. The rental car is great...but then the driving begins. So here's what June I updated our GPS, but never checked that it was updated correctly for Europe. We used it in Chicago in June and all was fine. Guess what...we get to Rennes, France, turn on the GPS and can't program our destination. Somehow the European maps were wiped out when I updated a few months ago. So now we are here with only a paper map! How did we do it back in the day?
I didn't get the data service for our phone because I figured we would use the free wifi in the hotels. So here we are in France, with no GPS. No, I'm not complaining...but it would have made things a little less complicated.
We arrive at the cottage and it is more than we expected. So quaint, clean and perfect to begin our French adventure. Cancale is a tranquil, beautiful port city.
Now hopefully, we will find a lovely restaurant to eat in tonight and get a good night's rest.
The weather is beautiful and the sea breeze and smell of salt in the air is just what we wanted. We can't wait to go exploring tomorrow.


Geri said...

Love the picture of the room. Only thing worse than being in France without GPS is being in Chino Hills with a GPS (ha ha!) Have fun!