Saturday, August 14, 2010

what a coincidence

Last night we went to the Pagaent of the Masters in Laguna Beach. Before the show we had dinner with friends at Brussels Bistro. Our waiter was Thiery, but he didn't have a Belgian accent. When we asked where he was from he said, "France"...I was so excited because he is from Brittany!. When we told him we were going in 2 weeks he gave us the name of his friends restaurant in Dinard. We will definitely go to this restaurant.
A funny part of this story was when he asked us where we were planning to visit, we told him our itinerary. One of the places we said we are going in "Quimper" and we said it just like it's spelled, in English. Well, you pronounce this "CAMPARE". We are so bad with our French pronunciation, let alone our understanding of French. Should make for a fun and exciting vacation.


gnforpeace said...

At last my 4 years of French comes in handy - I would have pronounced it right LOL. Can't wait to follow you on your journey!