Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back to school Carnival

We are so tired today. Yesterday was our most difficult day of travel because we were gone all day and it is about time for the second wave of jet lag to set in. As much fun as yesterday was, it was exhausting. I slept until 9:30 this morning and Paul awoke a little before me. We missed breakfast, but can do without another croissant for a while.
The place we are staying in is right along side a canal so it is quite lovely and tranquil. I am in hydrangea heaven. There are hydrangea bushes in ever color with gigantic blooms. I can't stop photographing them. I don't remember them from other trips to Europe, but they are everywhere in Brittany. They make me smile! Rhianna is the person who runs the inn for the English owners. She is so great to talk with because she is from England, so there is no language barrier. The wi-fi at the Old Salt House only works when you are down stairs, so I have to sit in the dining room area to post. I sat here for a few hours posting yesterday's blog. Then we went into town for a late lunch.
After lunch, I walked into the cafe to use the toilet. Saw a staircase and got half-way up when I realized I was in the wrong place. There was a landing with a mess on it and a mattress with a naked man sleeping! As I walked up the stairs he yelled and boy did I get a shock! The toilet was downstairs and around the corner! Something to blog about!
Remember I said I was tired, so after a nap today we walked the two miles into Chateaulin, the next village. Not much to do but we were in luck because there was a carnival in town, so we had a blast. So many different rides for the kids and "French carnival food". The families don't even start coming out with the small children until about 9:30 pm. Our grandkids would already have been asleep for a few hours, right? The highlight was a fireworks show at 11 pm. We did not know there was going to be a fireworks show and about 10:45 pm we decided we would walk back to the inn. We saw the bridge and thought that was a good place to cut across the canal. We found the stairs and then the bridge was blocked with a sign that said, "danger of death". We couldn't figure out why, until the fireworks show started and that was where they were shooting from. Good thing we didn't try to sneak across!
Today was just what we needed, a nice, quiet relaxing day with a little fun and excitement in the evening.