Sunday, September 26, 2010

day 2, Camp Signage Crew

This morning we did not have to get up at 3 am...but instead had to report at 8:30 am to our fearless leader, Josh! Our job was to once again remove the thirty-six 40 pound sand bags from the tripods, dismantle the 36, flags and poles, move everything 100 yards away and rebuild it all again. This "flag-tasia" is to inspire the walkers as they leave camp in the morning for their walk and then return again each afternoon. Today, the walkers are walking 21 miles. After this job we were dismissed and had the afternoon to play. In walking to where we would meet our ride, Marcia, better known as "Sis", I picked some wild berries and ate them...yummy!
For our play time, Deborah and the two Marshias went to Seattle to the space needle. Diane, Tzippy and I chose to stay at the hotel. I took a nap, blogged and rested up because all this lifting has not been good for my back...BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I DON'T HAVE BREAST CANCER, SO I CAN DO IT THIS WEEKEND. After the other three returned from Seattle, we toured a lighthouse and then headed for camp.
We were off-duty from 10-4, when we would report back to camp to cheer on the walkers as they returned to camp. This was very emotional to see the women and a lot more men, returning back to camp. There were a few who really got to me...the 3 generation group of grandmother, daughter and grand-daughter; the woman who just finished chemo earlier this year, the women who obviously have had a! It is all very emotional and inspirational. I got to scan the walkers as they crossed the finish line so I was able to greet them by name and say welcome back to camp. I adopted my sisters comment from my post from yesterday..."forget Disneyland, 3-Day Camp is the happiest place on earth!"
After our cheering duties were over we had to wait until the last walker was in camp and then our work would start guessed it, moving the 36 flags!. Then we had to collect and dismantle all the wind masters...these are the placards, 2'x3', that are all over camp telling people where the medical tents are, the food, showers, etc. These wind masters are not light weight either, thus the name wind master, they can withstand the wind and not get knocked over. Deborah and Josh drove around camp in a mule and brought them back to where we were waiting at the truck, where we dismantled, and filed all the placards, lifted the wind masters into the truck and then our work was over. We finally finished around 9 pm and were back to the hotel and in bed by 10:30.



Diane, sometimes you wonder what your gifts very special one is that you're a proud of you!