Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm a little behind on the blog

We are having so much fun and that combined with the electronic problems has put me about three days behind on the blog. It is now Friday and we have changed hotels...but since last post here's what we have done.
Tuesday, we got the call that the power cord for my laptop would be ready for pick up in a town, an hour away, at 3 pm. So, we took a day trip to Fougere and it was well worth the visit. Fougere is a lovely town with great shopping, gardens and a walled fortress. Very picturesque. There is a beautiful panoramic view of the fortress from the well manicured gardens behind the church. We ate lunch in an open air cafe on the square and then did our usual walk around the village to see the important sites. It is still baffling to me that hardly anyone speaks English. I know we are in France, but we have never had this "problem" before. In the group of high school boys we met and asked for directions only one boy spoke a little. So instead, they led us to the place we wanted to go. Everyone is so nice and helpful. It's a pleasure to travel and meet such nice people.
The weather in Fougere was spectacular. The bluest sky we have seen so far.
Fougere gets and "A" for our day trip.
We then made the drive to a little city outside of Rennes, where the power cord with the European plug was waiting for me. 89 euro later and I am back in business.
Sorry if I have repeated myself. Since I am behind I can't remember what I had written before..
After getting the cord we drove back to the cottage where I started going crazy uploading my photos to the computer, posting on Facebook and writing the blog.
Once again it was time for dinner. We returned to our first restaurant here in Cancale, La Cancalaise. It was even better the second time. I had a chicken fricassee that was fantastic and Paul had the salmon and tagliatelle again. They make a salted caramel ice cream here that is out of this world. That was dessert! Really nice meal tonight!
I video chatted with Kyle in Brazil (I just love technology) and then was so wired up and I didn't sleep well. But, so far, today was the best day. Perfect weather, computer is working, talked with Kyle and I am in France with my love. Life doesn't get much better than this!