Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day in Paris

Our last day in Paris was spent relaxing with more people watching. I forgot to mention that yesterday Paul accidentally dropped the camera when the lens was open. This was not the first time this had happened…I did it a few months ago. Well, I think it was tweaked just enough so that now the lens will not go in and out properly for focusing. We have cut back on how many photos we can take based on if we can focus the camera or not. I am just glad this is not the beginning of our vacation or our first time in Paris; otherwise we would be missing photos of all the standard Parisian memories.

I forgot to mention that when we met Jim and Michelle last night, it was in front of Notre Dame. They have cleaned up the pollution from the front and it really was a pretty site tonight.

We started our day with breakfast in a café. Our hotel offers croissant and café, but it’s not included in the price of the room, so if we were going to pay for breakfast we would rather have more of a choice. I had a wonderful breakfast today of a soft boiled egg, toast and jam, croissant, orange juice and café crème.

We went on a very long walk today.

I had seen an article in Saveur Magazine about a kitchen supply shop. So we headed to the shop. On the way to the kitchen shop we walked through the weekly market that they set up in the middle of the street on Avenue Raspail. It was your typical French market with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, fish, and clothing and of course lots of different people.

Everyone has a cell phone or ipod with ear plugs. It is a funny sight to see and so different from our earlier trips to Europe when we used maps and pay phones to find our way. Now we need our laptop, iphone and GPS to find our way.

We got lost along the way after we walked through the market, because we got turned around. In trying to find our way back to the shop we found a great café to stop for lunch. Café de l’Empire was bustling with patrons and the waiters were running around working very hard. Lunch of a salad and bread was just the light faire we were looking for today.

We finally found the kitchen supply store. It did not disappoint. It was called E. Dehillerin, and it was two floors of every kind of pot, whisk, pan, ladle, knife…you name it, they had it. They had the most beautiful selection of copper pots that I have ever seen. The owner was quite a character, too.

We took the Metro for the first time this trip to get back to the hotel. My foot was bugging me and today is by far the warmest day we have had. Our weather this trip has been anywhere from 55’F-85’F and everything in between. We are glad we packed layers of clothing. We did a good job of estimating the clothes we would need.

This afternoon will be spent packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow. It’s sad, but once it’s time to go we just want to go. The long flight home always seems like it goes on forever.

We will go out tonight for our last dinner in Paris and probably get to bed early, but, not too early. Remember, no one eats dinner before 8 pm. in Paris! But, tomorrow will be a long day and we have to be up early.

Au revoir…………


Geri said...

Loved my virtual vacation with you both - the pictures were excellent and commentary interesting and funny. I think my favorite photos are the ones you took in Paris (candid of the people)...quite the photographer you are!!! (Said backwards like Yoda ha ha)