Monday, September 27, 2010

one last thought on the 3 Day

I forgot to give you an update on Lauria, the young girl from Montana. She ended up walking only 10 miles the second day. Her blisters were unbelievably huge and then she sprained her ankle. She was not allowed to walk the third day, but was able to cross the finish line with the others. It was a pleasure to meet her and share her enthusiasm for her first walk.
The rain had stopped by 10 am and the walkers had a lovely, crisp day to walk. There was a threat of rain in the air all day, but no actual moisture falling on them. This is always a good thing, because Day 2 was very hot by Seattle standards and there were a lot of people with dehydration and sunburns.
Think about training for a 3-Day, it is one rewarding experience...