Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainy Paris

Our arrival into Paris, on the train, was effortless. We arrived just in time to stand in line for over 45 minutes for a taxi! It was raining when we arrived so we were glad the queue for the taxi was underground.

The Hotel des Academies de Arts is in a great location in the 6th arrondissement. There are lots of cafes and places to people watch. We just love watching people and there are plenty to watch on the streets of Paris.

We saw a woman with the biggest Afro ever! It was at least 30 inches in diameter. We’ve seen a man in an all white suit walking with a woman dressed in all black, down to her painted on beauty mark! What a great place to sit in a café with a glass of wine or a coffee and just be still. No rush, no agenda. Paris is crazy like New York, so you need to make yourself relax and we have definitely done a lot of that here.

I wanted to just sit and take photos of people but it was a little too obvious.

The hotel room is really nice but sooo small. We can barely find room for our suitcases. But, I am so happy to have a really nice bed with good linens and a comfy duvet. All the other rooms have been nice, but this one has the most comfortable bedding.

After a walk to check out the neighborhood it started to rain really hard so we came back to the room to wait out the storm.

We headed out to dinner at 7:30, which is way to early by Paris standards. But, the restaurant soon was full with more interesting people to watch.

Some of my favorites were the two ladies in their 70’s or 80’s, who came into the restaurant to have a nice meal, split a bottle of wine and then walked out after two hours of conversation. I want that to me be with my friends when I am old. They really looked like they were fit and happy. Everyone does the two kisses on the cheeks and they really kiss the cheeks. No “air kisses” here!

Thursday, we did more people watching and twice attempted to walk to a store I had read about in a magazine. But, the rain stopped us once and then the second time we did not allow enough time before we had to meet new friends for dinner. The dietetic shop is not where we were headed and most definitely not where we have been eating. It will be back to protein shakes and egg whites when we get home.

We met Jim and Michelle in Cancale on our last night there, last week. They were staying at the same cottages as us and had just arrived. We shared the shuttle ride to Chateaux Richeau, where we were having dinner. They are from Colorado and celebrating their 40th anniversary here in France. We talked about where we would be going and when I found out we would be in Paris at the same time I suggested we meet again for dinner. They are a really nice couple and we seemed to have a lot in common.

Our dinner at Brasserie de Saint Louis was typically French and very good. The conversation with Jim and Michelle was great. We shared about our families and our past travels. The evening flew by and it was time to say good-bye. We promised to keep in touch with email and to share our travel photos.


Geri said... that's an Afro!!! Crazy - wouldn't want her in front of me in a movie theater.