Monday, September 6, 2010

Surf City-France

Today we said goodbye to Port Launay, Rhiannon and the Old Salt House. What a great, relaxing visit we had there. We wish we would have stayed a few more days, but, we hit the road and drove the 30 minute drive to Quimper, where we are meeting our Couchsurfing friend, Lisa and her children,
Raphaelle and Julien. They have a day of siteseeing planned for us to show us their area of Brittany. Lisa and her daughter, Raphaelle, stayed with us last summer for two
We drove for about 45 minutes (Raphaelle is a very good driver) and ended up at Pointe du Raz, the farthest west you can go in Brittany. Although the fog was heavy, it was still a pretty
cool place to walk and see the sea
crashing from the cliffs above. It had shops, restaurants

and good walking paths.
Next, we headed to La Torche, near Lisa's home. She said the reason she moved to her property was to be near this beach. It is the Malibu of France, a surfer's paradise. There are beaches as far as you can see and the waves keep rolling in. Lisa said the waves don't stop and people surf all day long. They come from all over to surf in this place. The sand is fine, soft and white and the water is a beautiful, clear blue. As you walk around the coast there are areas that are marked as dangerous for swimmers and the surfers even avoid these places because of the rocks.
There are "mini-megaliths" built all over the place. People stop to build these rock temples on the beach and some are very creative. Lisa said she does not know why they build them and they started appearing about a year ago.
We ate lunch in the local creperie, where Lisa said it is customary to order at least one savory and one sweet crepe, so we complied. The crepes were much better than the ones we had the day before in Morgat. So funny to see men in board shorts and kids carrying surfboards in a restaurant. Not a sight we ever thought we would see in France!
Once again, the kindness of new friends has us overwhelmed. There are nice people all over the world and we are so priveleged to have met Lisa, Rafael and Julian!
Soon is was time to say goodbye and we did with a tear in our eyes. We drove to Vannes, where we will be staying for the next three nights. Villa Catherine is another old, historic, comfy B&B. Catherine is our host and the room is big and comfortable.
Paul has been keeping me laughing the entire trip with his attempt to pronounce French words (I am not much better). He says to speak French you just drop all the consonants! Pretty funny to hear him say the names of the towns we have visited. He also keeps forgetting that anything old was not made for tall people, so he has hit his head many times in doorways. I know I should not laugh, because it really hurts him, but it gives me the giggles every time I see him fall to the floor in pain. I can't count how many times he has hit a table top or tripped over something to hit a glass or spill something, one time spilling my water right on top of my pizza! Always keeps me on my toes!
Needless to say we are tired from all the fun we are having, so tomorrow will be a more relaxed day, plus it is supposed to rain so we might be doing our site seeing from the car.