Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, the most magical of places...

Each day gets better and better. Today we were sad to leave Cancale and our lovely cottage, but had plans to meet Christine and Alain, couchsurfing aquaintences who live in Brest, France. I had made contact with Christine through the social networking site and she and Alain agreed to give us a highlighted tour of their area. We never dreamed it would be as beautiful as it was there today. The weather was perfect for us and the sights were truly magnificent.
Of course, we got lost trying to find their house, so they met us at the train station and said we were going on a picnic anyway, so no need to come to their house first. We drove and drove and could not imagine where they were leading us. We made a quick stop at a church that is a Catholic pilgrimage site. It was an old church and very lovely inside. Alain said it was unusual because the statues were stone with paint over them. Of course, the paint has mostly worn away with age, but that was a rarity for those days. Then we continued on until we stopped at the very small village of Menehan, another picturesque, ancient site and continued to walk until we arrived at a site that took my breath away. The beaches went on forever and the sea was studded with huge rocks. the only thing to make it better would be if we could see it in rough seas, with waves crashing upon the rocks. Christine had packed a picnic lunch of shrimp, bread, a delicious beet puree, a savory "cake" made of salmon and vegetables, served warm, chips and white wine. We found a perfect picnic place with rocks to sit on, grass to spread the tablecloth and huge boulders to block the wind. Everything was so yummy.
Next we got back in the car and drove to Plouguerneau to see another view of the sea. This one was a lighthouse and a place to launch small boats. Really windy, but so pretty. The sky was not near as blue as Tuesday in Fougere, but still pretty.
I could go on and on about this day because to think we had never met these people and they were giving up their day to show us around and feed us is so cool for humanity. We saw three "Abers"...which are places where a river and the sea meet. We were getting tired and they still had so much to show we saw the fortress in Brest, the harbor (rebuilt since the Americans blew it up to halt the Germans in WWII), a large draw bridge and then to their house for dinner. Christine had prepared a dinner of organic rice, squid stew, salad and tiramisu. We had local cidre and red wine from Provence.
Our day ended with our arrival at The Old Salt House in Port be continued.............


Geri said...

It must be interesting to be served food by strangers...good thing you and Paul are adventurous eaters - can you imagine if you weren't? The people are so nice to have gone out of their way for you guys.