Monday, October 11, 2010

Random weekend

My 3rd son, Evan, has been through lot lately and it is so great to see him back to his joyful self.
My husband celebrated his 60th birthday today and it is hard to believe I have known him for nearly four decades. We celebrated very casually with a family dinner at a spaghetti "diner" style restaurant with close family. Although not all our kids could be there , it was great to have 1/2 the kids and all the grandkids with us, my mom, plus my sister, her husband, and our nephew and his girlfriend.
This was a special weekend because not only did we enjoy our grandchildren but we celebrated the birth of a dear friends first granddaughter. What a joy it is to welcome a new life and to see the hope and joy and in a new parent's heart.
Random thoughts for random days...



love your new blog Di - and the baby is so adorable!!!