Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Fig Wine Saga Continues...

Most of you know that last summer we had Couchsurfing houseguests from India. Balaji and Tamara spent a wonderful, fun 5 days with us. One of the things we talked about was my love of gardening and Balaji's love of his making. He makes wine from everything, even onions! So when he saw our fig tree, and how much fruit it produces, he said I must try making fig wine. So last September I ordered all the equipment and began the labor intensive and costly (original investment) job of making fig wine. First mashing all the figs, adding the water, sugar, yeast, sterilizing everything that touches the wine, etc., etc. So after the requisite few months of fermentation I had decided that it didn't turn out as it should, so we would throw it out. Well, we never threw it out because we kept forgetting about it. So a few weeks ago I tasted it and thought, hmmm...maybe it's not so bad. So I ordered the bottles, stabilized the wine, and today we bottled it. Evan came over to help and between me, Paul and Evan we had a fun afternoon and got it done pretty quickly. See photos. We ended up with 28 bottles, so if it is good you are all getting at least one bottle! But, time will tell. Who knows maybe we will chalk this up as how NOT to make wine. There is a lesson in everything and we had fun along the way.

Then it was time to make dinner. Evan had two hockey games tonight, so he wanted pasta. I had shrimp, scallops, onions, garlic, a can of Italian tomatoes and some linguine. He said we needed  to get fennel, clams and clam juice, parsley and a few herbs from the garden. I thought I was going to make dinner for him but I ended up being the sous chef and Evan cooked a delicious meal and I had another cooking lesson from my son, the chef.So a super weekend has come to a close. We did a lot this weekend and feel like we really got a lot done without feeling like we worked all weekend.

Once again I am grateful for SUNDAYS!

final product, delish!

the chef

sauce almost complete

start with sauteed onions, fennel, garlic, spices and white wine