Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grateful Day 11

Grateful is a state of mind. Sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons. I am not saying today was a lemon of a day, but in always need to think positive.
Today we went to watch our granddaughter's soccer game...shut-out 6-0...we lost! The lemonade in this is she tried really hard and she wasn't upset that they lost. I was! I wanted to see her team win.
blurry to keep it a bit of a surprise
I have been working on my Christmas cards, photo and letter for the past week or so. This year I am grateful to my sister for designing such a beautiful card. I am so excited to send it out so you can all see her beautiful artwork. This is the earliest I have had my cards ready in years! So today I am thankful for Geri, not only for her incredible talent, but for her always caring heart and listening ear. I know I can always trust her to tell me the truth when I ask her opinion. I wish she lived around the corner instead of 30 minutes away!



Ahhhh....thanks Di - wish we lived on a compound somewhere (all of us - all our kids, brother, etc)...oh well at least we're within driving distance. Love you too!