Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Thanksgiving is less than 36 hours away.
 I am not ready and I am not stressed.
 I am gRaTeFuL that I have taken a different approach to 
this day and preparing the meal.
I have given up trying to control the entire day and whatever happens, happens.
I would like to make some floral arrangements tomorrow, 
but if I don't, I have some fake flowers and votive candles that look just fine.
I did get a new tablecloth that actually fits my super long dining room table.
It's all about family and that is what I am
focusing upon.
So today I am GRATEFUL for not stressing myself out over Thanksgiving.
I know my husband and kids will be happy with my new found peace.
I'm enjoying an Irish Coffee with my hubby tonight.
for some reason I could not upload any photos today.


Geri said...

Love your post Di - I have the same feeling about Christmas - not stressing at all....what will be will be - gee, could we finally be mellowing out?!