Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grateful Day 5

Sundays...I'm grateful for Sundays and today was extra special. We started with a pancake breakfast at church where we met our daughter-in-law and 4 of our grandkids,(Daddy was at work). Then we went to mass. The dynamics at church have changed since the arrival of the grandkids. I'm not complaining because I love spending time with them and helping with their religious upbringing, but it is a non-stop merry-go-round, it is almost comical because only one of them goes to Sunday School. Two of the children are too young and one is too old for Sunday school, so we sit in the back of the church and try to sing and pray. We do a lot of coloring, too! I love Sundays! 
Sundays are for relaxing, piddling around, family time and today was no different. Evan came over and helped us bottle our homemade wine that we made with figs from our yard (more in my next blog), we made dinner together and had a nice meal.
I am grateful for Sunday!