Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My son lives on a street that is known as "the village". They have block parties several times a year and there are a ton of kids who live on their street. Everyone knows everyone and it is a great street to live. On the other hand, we live on a street where one neighbor just waves without looking at you, we don't even know some neighbor's names, and then there is Peggy and Denis. They (like us) have lived on this street for 25 years. We are more than neighbors, we are friends! We have keys to each others homes and even have the understanding that if I am cooking and run out of something and they are not home, I can help myself to their pantry, and vice-versa. We share a faith and go to the same church. We know that if we have a special intention that needs prayer that we will get on our knees and PRAY for each other. We have                  counseled one another on grand parenting skills, cried together through the death of a parent, and shared many, many joys. We have a comfortable relationship that allows us to call at the last minute so we can have a fun night out in a casual restaurant or just enjoying their hot tub and a bottle of wine.
Peggy and Denis have so many great attributes. They are about the most active volunteers I know, always lending their hand to anyone or any group that needs them. Sometimes, they are so busy I won't see them for weeks, but I always know that if I needed help or a listening ear I can call on either one of them.
peggy (left) and Carla, another friend.
me, Denis and my sister

So for neighbors who are truly GREAT FRIENDS, I am  GRATEFUL.


Geri said...

And what a great couple they are - a blessing to all they meet ♥