Friday, November 5, 2010

Gratitude Day 3

Today I can cross off something on my life list. I have always wanted to go to an orchard and pick my own fruit,  peaches, apples, berries, I don't care. Today my husband played hookie and we headed for Julian, Ca., about a 2 hour drive from our home. The weather was still too warm for fall, but cooler in Julian than in YL. What a cute little town full of cafes, art galleries and ma and pa stores! But, the best part was walking through an orchard and picking our own apples. We picked 14 pounds of Empire apples. They are delicious. They are small but sweet and juicy. I think this was the last weekend of the season for u-pick, so we will mark our calendars for next year, to go in October when the trees are really loaded with fruit. You might notice there is a lot of fruit on the ground. People throw the bad apples on the ground. It's so late in the season there are a lot of apples that have been on the tree too long or eaten by birds. But, enough to fulfill one of my "happy goals". Yeah!
I think it will be fun to take the grandkids for a day trip. They would love it because the trees at Raven Hill Orchard are dwarf trees, so they will be able to reach the fruit and fill their own bag full of apples. They also have a train ride, you can pan for gold and just have a relaxing day in the country.

I am grateful for peaceful days with my husband.



wow - that place is really pretty - I'll have to look it up on a map and go there on day!