Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So here we are 17 years later... After 8 years of dating and forming a friendship with Jenny's parents, we have had vacations together, celebrated many holidays and birthdays, laughed and cried a lot together. They had a wonderful wedding and reception and next year will celebrate 10 years of marriage. They have given us 4 precious grandchildren and I am proud to say Jenny is a stay-at-home mom...and a darn good one, too. Jenny is kind-hearted, sweet, conscientious and loving. Her children are blessed to have her as their mom, Michael is blessed to have her as his partner for life and I am blessed to have her IN my life.
So to Jenny I say, "Happy Birthday" and I love you.



Here Here! I second the motion that Jenny is one heck of a woman! One of the kindest, gentlest spirits you'll meet! Love you Jenny! Of course, nothing but the best for my godson Mike!