Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chicken and Stars Quilt

Quilt Journal 
My 3rd Quilt
I named this quilt, Chicken and Stars. I found the panel of chickens, I love chickens and roosters by the way, and knew I had to do something with it. So I cut up the panel and then found fabrics to go with it. I designed the quilt myself, which was quite an accomplishment, I think, for my third quilt, ever!
So the cute little chickens are surrounded by 8 pointed stars with a few 9 patch squares thrown in to mix it up. The outside border is a print of corn kernals and the backing fabric is a chicken wire print. In keeping with the theme it was quilted in a chicken wire patterned stitch.

This was a relaxing weekend. We got a lot of small projects done and I worked on getting my computer and back-up synchronized (but something is still wrong). We managed to have a little fun too. Our community has a Christmas boat parade every year. So we walked around the lake to see the boats parade through the water.  Here are a few photos of the way Californians decorate for Christmas.

and....I finished the binding on a few small Christmas gifts. No photos yet...It's a surprise!