Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas re-cap

Well, I am back after all the Christmas celebrations. I trust everyone had a blessed and safe holiday. For all my friends in the mid-west and eastern United States and Europe...stay safe in all this bad weather you are experiencing. We are bracing for another rainstorm here in southern California. The threat of mudslides in certain areas is high and we are traveling tomorrow, so keep us in your thoughts as we drive to visit our son in Arizona.
I am so excited to have our Christmas celebration with our one son and his family who does not live near us. I need some Jack, Sam and Davis hugs and kisses.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with our traditional Polish food of mushroom soup and Pierogi. Here are a few photos from Christmas eve.
Oplatke is a Polish tradition on Christmas Eve

the table is set

Cookie tray, "no sneaking cookies before dinner"

 We opened gifts with Evan and Kyle and Julia and then after everyone left Christmas Eve, we went to mass at the Polish Catholic Church. It was a beautiful service and we always enjoy mass at Pope John Paul II Center in Yorba Linda.

Christmas day we went up to our sons for breakfast and to see what Santa had brought for them.
Then we came home to relax and get ready for everyone to come over again for Christmas dinner. I always forget to take photos after we get busy with dinner, but there here are a few.



Great pics...what the heck is Evan wearing?

on vacation with di and Paul said...

Those are his new jammies he bought himself. It's a "bunny suit" for lazy guys! He bought them for his two best friends, too. Funny, huh?