Friday, January 21, 2011

another quilt in my repertoir

Just got home from Road to California...the annual, amazing quilt show that I attend. Now I am really feeling like a kindergarten quilter...some people are so amazingly talented. Quilts that you almost have to touch (but you are not allowed to touch) to see if they are pieced or applique or PAINTED! A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!
But this show is always inspirational. I went with my long time (we're talking 40+ years now) friend, Debi. She has been quilting way longer than me and she was completely mesmerized by the beauty and talent of the quilts on display. 
So here is the next quilt in my quilting history.
This quilt was made for our dear friends, the Buckleys, on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary (August 2003). I knew I wanted to make them a quilt as their gift and they had just bought  a house at the beach, so I wanted a marine theme and knew I would use shades of blue. This is called Storm at Sea. I saw it made up at a quilt store and fell in love with it. They were touched by our gift and it is always rewarding to give someone you love something that you have spent so many hours making.

This was the last quilt I made on my Viking sewing machine that I bought on layaway when I worked at Baron's Fabrics in Woodland Hills, California in 1971! I got 32 years out of that machine! I wish I had a photo of everything I ever made using it! What a treasure that would be now.



Can you imagine if you had a photo of everything you made? That would be a historical timeline of your life along with some pretty amazing things! It could have been a book! This is a beautiful quilt!

Amy said...

Very nice quilt. I know I wish I had pictures of all the crafts and things I made with my kids when they were younger..

random thoughts do or di said...

I made all my clothes from the time I was 12 years old. Every cover of Seventeen Magazine was in my closet by the time the magazine was 2 weeks old! Darn, wish I would have kept a log of all those cross stitch projects and every baby gift and craft project I ever made. Live and learn. So glad I journal and photograph everything now.