Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Gardening Season begins

Yesterday, Mr. Romance and I started the first planting in the garden for 2011.
About 5 weeks ago I bought some seed potatoes, 
California Whites
Norkotah Russets
Yukon Gold.
They have been "hardening" in the fridge for several weeks and today was planting day.
Last year we grew the potatoes in three separate trash cans. 
We decided that was a good way to grow the potatoes so we will do it the same way this year.

We are having some work done in the yard. 
We will move these bins after the new planter is finished

Last year we planted the potatoes in compost and then continued to cover them with straw.
Oops, we only got potatoes that rooted in the compost, so not many.
This year we will cover the leaves, as the grow, with compost.

Both ways are recommended, but the straw just didn't work for us.
Now, we wait until the potatoes start growing, then cover with compost.
Hopefully, we will get a good bushel or two of potatoes to share with family and friends.