Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Quilt Journey Continues with Kyle's Quilt

It's been a while since I blogged about my quilt journey.
My 9th quilt was made for my youngest son, Kyle, in January 2004.
When I asked him what colors he wanted, he said 
"Orange, black, lime green and Purple",
which sounded absolutely ugly to me. 
I found some great fabrics in these colors and they looked sort of like an African theme to me.
If you've read my other posts you know I didn't pay attention to who designed the fabrics or what manufacturer made them. I've since learned to keep track so I can give credit to the fabric designers.
I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern and pieced my quilt randomly.
This is a very large quilt. More than queen sized, but not quite king sized.
Kyle designed the back of the quilt. 
He wanted a heartagon on it,
which is the logo of one of his favorite European bands called H-Y-M.

I'm so happy to know that Kyle still uses this quilt everyday.
 It's actually on his bed right now keeping him warm in Brazil, 
where he is an oral surgery resident.
Sometimes I think he's just there on vacation because we mostly receive photos like this
and this

But he also sends photos of cases he has completed,
(I won't gross you out with those photos),
just so we know he is hard at work and learning so much.
We miss him and await his  and Julia's return to California in July.


Paula said...

What a beautiful quilt! Kyle is fortunate to have a mom who can create something so beautiful from such a variety of fabrics. And the colors look gorgeous!

Sheila said...

Hi Diane
Thanks for posting your 1st quilt on my blog. Have linked to yuors and hope to call back regularly.

Geri Centonze said...

Wow, I thought I had seen most of your quilts, but I guess not!

Kyle Stanley said...

I love this quilt. My favorite part is how BIG it is. Many quilts just cover my legs or if they cover more then my feet come out. This one is HUGE and two people can cuddle up in it. It is so nice that my mom made it especially for me and I even got to help with the design on the back. At the time I had a Andy Warhol "pop-art" themed room with those colors. I still love pop art but have brought my color options into more basic colors now. Thanks Mom, I promise I'm working hard down here haha. Can't wait for my next quilt made by you with my current favorites: black, white, and grey.