Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Look to My Blog

Thanks to my super smart, super sweet, super computer savvy SISTER, my blog has a new look.
 I love it!
Geri was here for over 4 hours perfecting each and every aspect of the blog and helping me to understand all the ins and outs of blog design.
I'm ok on normal computer stuff but all the HTML stuff goes right past me and out the window.
If you don't already know about my sister, check out her blogs...
yes, she has two blogs
She is an incredible artist and writer,
 full of wisdom and able to understand all this techno stuff. 
I am so glad we are close and have found something to really bond over. 
We are so different.
 Let me just say this...she got the brains in the family...
I don't know what I got?
Oh, maybe it was the fashion sense gene...
Croatia, 2009

Dressing up in mom's old formals
Geri on the far left, me far right.

Our family, 1976
Geri and her hubby, Paul

We love our Uncle Al
Me, mom and Geri a few years ago

Or maybe I got the change your haircut every year gene.
After searching for these photos, I decided the next time we are together we need to get a photo of just us!
I love you, Geri!


Kyle Stanley said...

Love the new look but I still vote to remove the top blogger bar. Looks great Mom!

Geri Centonze said...

Di - love your thank you post and it was fun looking at those pictures of us...yes, we do need a nice one of the 2 of us - maybe something when were both "looking pretty" like at the wedding later this year! The blog looks great if I do say so myself - I agree with Kyle and vote for removing the blogger bar because it looks more like a website. If you want me to do it from my end I'll call you and will do it for you. Hugs!!!

Geri Centonze said...

I meant it will look more like a website if you remove the blogger bar...

diane said...

@Geri...thanks for the final, change. Perfect!