Thursday, February 17, 2011

One World One Heart

One World One Heart Blog Tour has come to a close.
I had over 3000 pages views during this tour.
 I am overwhelmed by all the kind comments I have received. 
Make that 235 comments!
I added 19 new followers!

I hope I won't disappoint them.
My ego is about ready to soar through the roof.
I started following about 40 new blogs this week.
It has been an amazing week.
It began last Saturday with the birth of my granddaughter, Olivia.
I spent 9 days with my son and his beautiful family.
It's tough to be Bubbi and disciplinarian
when they are so darn cute.
I am so glad I was able to spend this time with them and I hope I was a help to them.
I was also in a quilt competition.
My quilt made top 6 and got into the finals!

I didn't win but was sure happy to place in the top 6!
I also participated in an auction for a young woman named Jenny.
I made a market bag for that auction that sold for $22.

I don't know Jenny, but she has Leukemia,
and her friends put together an auction for her that raised over $6000.
My son, Michael, celebrated his 34th birthday.
I know, he's handsome!

The week is winding down and I am heading home today.

Congratulations to the winners of my market bags.
First Place ...Comment #46 is Manola from

Second Place ...Comment #216 is from

and I decided to make a third bag (to be made when I get home) because of all the wonderful comments I received.
so my third place winner is:
comment #203...Janice from Cheeky Rose Boutique.

Please contact me through this blog by Sunday, February 20, 2011.


manola said...

yesss!!!! Here I am with a new bag c " is very nice! Thank you OWOH and to you

Fallingladies said...

Thanks so much, I'm so excited!