Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

 This is first time in 40 years that Mr. Romance and I have not been together for Valentine's Day.
But he sent me flowers...

and a sweet card.

What I did get to do is spend Valentine's Day with him...

Jack, almost 8 years old, so smart and clever.
I've learned more bout Legos this past week than I ever thought was possible.

and him...

Little Sammy is so sweet. He loves to play Wii and Angry Birds on Bubbi's iPhone.

and then there's Davis...

who sings all day in between telling everyone what to do.
She's 2 going on 15. 

and this sweet little one...
so cuddly and small.
These days will be gone before we know it. 
I remember when Jack was first born and now he is nearly 8 years old!
Olivia is 2 days old and the reason I am away from Mr. Romance.
I came for her birth and to help out with the kids.
Making memories with the grandkids, my son and daughter-in-law, is a perfect reason to be away from Mr. Romance on Valentine's Day. 
We'll celebrate when I get home.

They start with tiny footprints,
but they leave a huge imprint on my heart.