Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cruise Day 3 Cabo San Lucas

March 17, 2011

This morning after breakfast I decided to try out the ZUMBA class. That was fun. It’s like aerobics only to Latin music. Very fun dance moves and easy for me …but after 30 minutes my knees started screaming at me, so then I decided to walk the promenade deck for about 2 miles. With all the food offered on this cruise you have to keep up an exercise plan.

Our first port stop came on the third day of our cruise, Cabo San Lucas. We have been to Cabo twice before, once on a cruise and another time for 5 days a few years ago, when our son was married here.
Cabo is a crazy, party place and it’s spring break, so there were drunk college kids all over the beach. Our ship is only here for 6 hours, which is plenty of time for me. We looked for the taco stand where we had gone 3 years ago, only to find that it had shut down. What a disappointment that was, because Paisa’s was really yummy and so traditional. We made our way to the beach where we found a little restaurant with a great view and had some lunch and then headed a little further down the beach to find a shady spot while Debi swam and laid in the sun. The rest of us decided the water was too cold and we didn’t really want to get too much sun the first day, so we sat under an umbrella and watch the action on the beach. There were so many vendors all selling jewelry, hats, bracelets and sun dresses. So sad that these people practically have to beg to earn a living.

These guys thought they were total chick magnets… They gave us all a giggle in their speedos and sombreros.

After returning to the ship and getting dressed for dinner, we watched the sunset. So pretty.

Mr. Romance started feeling horrible once we boarded the ship again. We think he is allergic to something on the ship. Maybe the air conditioning, with all the recycled air or the chemicals they use to clean the ship. Either way, he has almost lost his voice and is disappointed that he’s not feeling 100% on our vacation.