Monday, March 14, 2011

Hasta La Vista!

I started this blog in August of last year as a way for our kids
and a few friends and family members
to follow us on our trip through the Brittany area of France.
It was originally titled, "On Vacation with Doc and di".
You can read some of the posts here, here and here.

As the months passed and I discovered I really liked blogging, 
I changed the name to 
Random Thoughts Do or "di".
this way I can incorporate all my random thoughts 
from cooking and quilting,
to photography, grandparenting, travel and gardening.
Mr. Romance and I are heading off on another adventure.
This time we are going with my dear friend, Debi,  from high school, 
and her wonderful husband, Greg,
to celebrate his 60th birthday.
We will be going on a cruise through the Panama Canal.
I'm all packed...Mr. Romance is adding the final touches to his stuff.

My hope is that the internet will not cost an arm and a leg on the ship
and I will be able to keep up with the blog every few days.
So follow along on our Central and South American journey...
and if for some reason I can't blog, 
I will have lots to tell you when I get home.