Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Panama Canal Cruise Day 1

March 15, 2011

As expected, the Internet is a really slow connection and quite expensive. I have decided to keep a journal of our daily happenings and then post when we get home. Or maybe, I will post several on one day, pay the Internet fees, and then you can see how we are doing.
Arrival to the ship was quick and easy thanks to our driver, Morris, and the port less than an hour from our home. It was so great to start a vacation and not have to fly anywhere, just board the ship and our holiday has begun.
After checking out the ship we returned to our room to find that my brand new luggage, less than 4 days old, had been damaged between the porter removing it from the car and delivering it to our room. The little bumpers on the sides were ripped off leaving exposed screws that ripped the sheets on the bed as I pulled it into the room. Bummer! So it was a trip to the Passenger Services desk to file a report. They better reimburse me or pay to fix it!
We met up with Debi and Greg on the Lido deck to wait and watch as the ship left the port. I was fascinted by how many containers are at this port. We watched them being stacked up to 6 containers high on to the huge cargo ships.
Then it was down to dinner and off to bed. We were all tired. Greg has been traveling a lot and Paul has been working really hard so we called it an early night.