Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Quick Weekend in Arizona

Mr. Romance and I are back home after a quick trip to Arizona
to celebrate with our son and his beautiful family.
I drove on Thursday, by myself.  It was a great drive with no problems.
Our grandson, Jack,  celebrated his 8th birthday, 
so a birthday dinner was on the calendar for Friday night 
with Jack's favorite dinner, spaghetti!

Then it was off to the airport to pick up Mr. Romance
 and our son, Evan, who were joining me for the weekend 
On Saturday, Jack was baptized in the LDS Church.
But first he participated in his first PineWood Derby
with his boy scout troop.
The car Jack and his dad built.

It was so special for us to be there to witness this milestone in Jack's religious life. 
We are not Mormon, so we haven't been to any other baptisms
except when our son joined the church in 1994.
It was very special to see Jack take on this covenant with God 
with respect and reverence.
Remember, he's only 8, 
so he liked the gifts that he received for this special occasion, too.

Afterwards, we headed back to Brent and Molly's for a nice lunch buffet 
with more family and friends.

Saturday evening Evan, Mr. R and I decided to drive to Phoenix to stand in line for what is supposed to be the best pizza in the US...
Pizzeria Bianco.
When we arrived at 6:50 pm we were told the wait was 5-51/2 hours!
What? Who waits 5+ hours for pizza?
Mr. Romance and I have eaten there before,  Evan had not, 
but there was still no way we were waiting that long.
So we drove back to a local restaurant, the Firebird and had a nice steak dinner.
You really need to get to Pizzeria Bianco at 3-4 pm. 
so when they open at 5 you are only waiting about 2 hours! 
That's what we did when we went there a few years ago
It is really good pizza!
On Sunday, Brent and Molly's sweet, new baby daughter, Olivia, was blessed.

Another celebration followed after church, on a smaller scale.
We talked with Molly's parents, who we enjoy so much, 
and then packed up to leave for the drive home. 
Yes, Molly really is this gorgeous three weeks after delivering her 4th baby!
6 hours later, a windy drive and we are home.
I'm really not a desert person but I have to admit 
the desert has some beautiful scenery, 
especially the sky.


Geri said...

Enjoyed seeing all the photos...Brent and Molly have a beautiful family! said...

@Geri...thanks, Geri, they do indeed and are raising them to be such kind and caring people, too!

Erin said...

Hi Diane, Pam sent me your blog so I could see all the pics of the baptism and blessing! Thanks for taking lots of pics, so that I could see what we had to miss :( super cute blog!