Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quilt Journal... Flags, Anyone?

This was my first rag quilt.
The tenth quilt in my quilting history.
I completed it in February 2004.

I saw these flags at a quilt shop in Redlands, California
and new I just had to make something with them.
I guess the design is a cross between a log cabin and a square within a square.
I used what I thought looked like Americana and Civil War replica fabrics
 and just pieced the squares sort of randomly,
using a flannel in between the backing and the front pieces.
I have since discovered that osnaburg fabric would have been better.
 I love this quilt. It is warm and cozy.
We use it as our fun quilt for picnics and the beach 
from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
The hardest part of making this quilt was cutting all the raggy seams.
Another thing I recently learned is that you can use a rotary cutter with a ruler to stop the cut,
thus saving your hand from cramping while doing all those little snips.
For me, a mostly self-taught quilter, every quilt has been a learning process.


M. Estes Zywar said...

Hi Diane,
Back from OWOH event to check out the latest from your blog :O)
Congrats on your 10th quilt!!!
Who hoo!!! I have made only one and I'm so proud of it.
If you get the chance...drop over to my blog and enter the "gift away" I have going for my little Coco's first Birthday!

Amy said...

I love the flags, sorry I have been MIA. feels good to be back,Amy