Monday, April 18, 2011

Favorite Flowers

i love flowers.
they give the promise of new life.
flowers in the vegetable garden mean that 
we will be harvesting soon.
i have so many favorite flowers.
just when i think I have found my absolute favorite flower
something new blooms in the garden.
today my favorite flower is the nasturtium.
they grow behind our fountain.
i bought this packet of seeds years ago, like 7 years ago!
each year when the nasturtiums die back
i harvest the seeds, let them dry and then scatter them again.
i learned this from an episode of Martha Stewart Living.
nasturtiums do not disappoint. 
they sprout and flourish every year.
did you know they are edible? 
we have an organic garden so we can eat them. 
they have a peppery taste. 
is peppery a word?
i use them to decorate plates and platters, too.
i will use them this weekend to decorate for our Easter brunch.
we can feed them to the turtle. favorite flower of the moment.


Shelley said...

I planted nasturtiums under my nectarine trees four years ago and I've never had to plant them again. Every year when the rains start up in the fall, the flowers come right back up bigger and better than the year before! I love cutting them for small arrangements in canning jars around my house. :)

tusen said...

I like them very much, too.
Yours look beautiful.