Monday, April 25, 2011

Featured and Flattered

I was so excited to get a shout out from The Adventures of The Arrogant Frog and The Smug Beef's blog .
I write this blog as a chronicle of our life as it is happening and to try and connect with others with similar interests. It's fun when I find out that there are people in blogland who appreciate my adventures. So to the Frog and the Beef I say Happy Birthday and thanks for following me. Once again I am humbled and flattered and encouraged to keep blogging.


Annabella said...

And a deserved shout out - your blog is fun and interesting and changes daily. You have great links to other blogs and challenges and it`s because of you that I participate in Shadow SS and Mammarazzi Monday. Happy Monday!

Geri said...


mascanlon said...

Hi Diane,
I just wandered over from Nicole's. I live in Long Beach but am often in YL as a my youngest daughter and her family live there. And i hit most of the local quilt shops regularly, my friendship groups hangs out at Fresh Picked fabrics. I don't blog but Nicole will telly ou I'm a good commenter and I sometimes manage to get quilt photos into Flickr!

Wendys Hat said...

What an honor! I would have to agree with them too {you have a beautiful and interesting blog}!