Friday, April 1, 2011

Final Thoughts on the Cruise

The last two days aboard the Island Princess found everyone pretty ready to get off the ship. After boarding the ship in Aruba on Sunday, we basically said our vacation is over and wished that we would have either stayed in Aruba for 2 days and flown home from there or just ended the cruise and headed home. But, the last two days proved to be pretty fun and of course, relaxing. We laid around the pool and watched movies on the big screen on the pool deck

 finished reading another book and played bridge.
Monday, we laughed hysterically with our dinner table companions. One was Oscar, an older man from Tacoma, WA. He seemed a little mixed up and kept asking the same questions over and over again. He said he was named after an uncle who lived in Oak Park, IL. (Where we lived from 1972-1976). Mr. Romance asked him which part he was named after, “Oak” or “Park”? Well, that got the entire table laughing and then the jokes just kept coming. The final laugh came when Greg ordered the “sweet and nutritious” fruit plate for dessert. 5 paper thin slices of melon on a plate, no garnish, nothing. See photo

On Tuesday, Mr. Romance and I went to the Culinary Comedy Show (not funny) 
and on the Galley Tour. 
Later that afternoon, Debi and I signed up to walk the Cruise for the Cure Susan G. Komen 5K walk for breast cancer. That was fun and we met some nice people along the way. 
I felt like I did my breast cancer donation for the year 
since the Ya-Yas and I backed out of working/walking 
the Washington, D.C. 3-Day event this year.

We played some more bridge that afternoon. I think we are getting the hang of it.
That night at dinner we all made a list of our best and worst experiences of the cruise.

 Going through the Panama Canal was a highlight for all of us.  Also special was visiting Cartegena, beer breaks in each port

 and traveling with good friends. Some of the disappointments were the boring food, being on a ship full of much older people than us, Mr. Romance and I both getting sick and seeing so much poverty in Panama City.
I hope we will get to vacation with Debi and Greg again, because vacations are really fun with friends.


Annabella said...

Hi Diane, I found your blog through the Fresh Sewing Day over at Lilly`s Quilts and have really enjoyed looking at it and your lovely quilts. It seems like you have a great balance in life! I shall definitely pop back and have another look soon. Have a great weekend.

Geri said...

Great recap! Love the last photo...I think we should add that to your header!

Annabella said...

Thanks for stopping by Diane - really enjoying reading about your lovely life and family. Love those photos at the beach you took on your date with your Mr. Romance.