Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hexagon Park...almost finished

I have finished piecing Hexagon Park.

I had to make some adjustments in the seam allowance in the pieced border. 
How do you keep a 1/4" seam allowance and still end up with things not aligning?
I don't think it will be visible in the finished quilt, so I am not worried about it.
It's nothing that the quilting will not hide.
I made a pieced backing for this quilt out of the cut off corners of the layer cake.
Can't wait to get it back from the quilter.
Who should I have quilt this one?'ll see the finished quilt in about a month.
Now all the sewing is cleaned up from the dining room (my sewing space) and the next three days will be devoted to cooking and preparing for our Easter celebration.
We are getting together as a family on Saturday because our son has to work on Sunday.
I really do not like jobs where they require someone to work on Sunday or holidays...
but that would mean no fires or emergencies can happen on Sundays either.
I guess I cannot control everything!


Geri said...

Glad the quilt is coming together...I'm learning that not only can I not control EVERYTHING, but I can't control ANYTHING!

Wendys Hat said...

I look forward to seeing this quilt. The fabric you chose is darling! Nice job.

tusen said...

Can't wait to see it finished, the sneak peek looks great.
I also had to make some seam adjustments in the border (but my seams are not exactly accurate, so I wasn't very surprised)