Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our World Our Art

Earlier this year I participated in the 
One World One Heart art blog event 
organized by Lisa Swifka.
It is through this event that I met many of my new blogging friends 
and became followers of their artist talents by reading their blogs.
Lisa has made some new rules for her event 
which will be held again next January/February.
If you are interested in participating
next year, check out Lisa's blog
and click on the link on her side bar
and then sign up for her newsletter.
She has renamed the event 
and it really is a worldwide event.
You will need to plan ahead because 
you have to offer a gift in the art medium that you 
blog about. Mine will be a quilt, so I need to start planning now.
This passed event I offered three separate market bags.

and I had almost 300 comments from one post. 
It helps to bring new viewers to your blog 
and you meet some wonderful people along the way.


Annabella said...

Oh Diane, I get to know about such interesting events through your blog - thank you so much! This looks like something I would love to be involved in so I'll check it out. Love bags, love your market bags and congratulations on all you've achieved this quarter.

Geri Centonze said...

I bet the women loved their market bags....I know you're my sister, but how come I didn't get the sewing gene?