Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shelby's Quilt

I have been trying to write a post every week or so about my journey through quilting. I have been posting, for the most part, in the order I have made the quilts.  This week it is all about my Goddaughter, Shelby's quilt. I made this as a gift for her 8th grade graduation, seven years ago.  It was made in the flip and sew method which sews and quilts at the same time. Just a simple strip quilt, but the bright colors and cozy large lap size made it a perfect gift for Shelby. 
It's funny that Shelby's quilt is the next one in my quilt repertoire because she just celebrated her 21st birthday on Saturday. She is the youngest child of our BFF's, Jennifer and Tim. I have known Shelby from the day she was born and it has been so fun to watch her grow into a young woman.
Happy Birthday, Shelby.


Geri said...

what a cheerful quilt!

Carol said...

I agree with Geri...very cheerful and the colors are just great together. Bet it went together super fast, too!! Good idea.