Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

That's right, you are seeing correctly...I, a fairly new blogger,
have been awarded a Stylish Blogger Award.
I opened my email today and saw a note from a new blogging friend.
Thank you to Annabella, whom I met when we both joined
Fresh Sewing Day over at Lynne's blog, for nominating me.
This is what Annabella said about me. I am so touched...
"Diane at Random Thoughts - Do or `Di` looks one stylish lady and has a handsome husband too (Mr. Romance), beautiful grandchildren, makes wonderful quilts, crochets, shares fabulous recipes and takes lovely photos.  In her own words, she has a blessed life. Diane is someone else I met through the Fresh Sewing Day...thanks Lynne!" 

Lynne wanted her readers to share a sewing project
 and to do some blog hopping.  
Thanks to Lynne,  I have met some lovely people and read some great blogs as a result.
Now, I must link back to Annabella's blog Life's Rich Pattern,
 and share 7 things about myself, so here goes.
1. I met Mr. Romance on a blind date. We've been married for 39 years (this June).
2. Another of my passions is gardening, with an emphasis on heirloom tomatoes. 
3. I have watched The Thomas Crown Affair, starring Pierce Brosnan, at least 100 times. We're talking small crush here!
4. I could eat cake three times a day, but have recently given up carbs. Picture very sad face here :-(
5. I was a bank teller before I was a mom.
6. I want to research my Polish ancestry, but have reached a dead end, because we don't know in what city of Poland  my grandparents were born.
7. I have been trying to learn Italian for 5 years...just because I want to speak it. But, I tend to mix up Italian, Spanish and English and have created my own language, called "Spengtalian"
The next part of this is I have to nominate 6 recently discovered blogs 
which I think fit the title of Stylish Blogger Award.
Since I am a "random" blogger, all the blogs I have chosen
are not limited to one theme.
Some are new bloggers and some are not so new, but are new to me.
1. The first is Monika over at My Sweet Prairie. She makes the most beautiful thread paintings I have ever seen and pulls her inspiration from her love of the Canadian prairie, where she lives. Monika also quilts, is a mom and has a cool fabric postcard swap going on.
2. Jill at Jillsey Girl has an amazing blog. Her photos inspire me along with her challenges and games, she keeps me always thinking.
3. Next is my sister Geri's blog,  My Heart Art . I nominate her not because she is my sister, but because she is so creative and draws the loveliest angels. You really must check out her art.
4. Agnieszka is a Polish quilter who I discovered through Lynne's blog also. You can check out her lovely creations at A Quilt, Maybe. I don't know much about her except that she is a new blogger and very talented.
5. Judith at Needles and Lemons is a new quilter and you won't believe her talent. She is so creative and already designs her own quilts! She also has another passion, fine art photography, lives in England and can knit.
6. The last is Rosie from Sweetapolita. Rosie is not a new blogger, nor does she have only a few followers, but what she does have is major skills with sugar, cake batter and fondant. To say it simply...she fulfills my cake cravings everyday with her beautiful cakes and other confections. She has a lovely way of writing, her photography skills are impeccable and she has two very cute little "Cakelets".
That's it. I have been honored to be a part of this and now I 
pass this on. I hope you will all check out 
the blogs I have featured.


Kyle Stanley said...

Congrats. What a nice message written by that lady. You are definitely blessed.

She Who Carries Camera said...

Thank you Diane! I'm not sure how we linked up with one another, but I'm glad we did! It's funny how the blogosphere works connects people that in ordinary circumstances (ie. olden times) would never have happened. I will make sure to check out your other recipients!

Geri said...

Congratulations Diane - you do have a Stylish Blog! You cover a wide range of projects...who knows, maybe you'll be the next Pioneer Woman. Thanks for the nomination, but I made a decision a while back to make my blog an award-free blog :)

Annabella said...

Your nominees look great Diane, I'll take a good look at them. Have a great day!

tusen said...

Diane,congratulations on your award.
Thank you so much for nominating my blog. I really appreciate the fact that you think my blog worth visiting. I'm afraid however I'm rather bad at this kind of thing so please forgive me if I don't blog about it now.

runninmommyx4 said...

Congratulations! How exciting. So nice to be recognized by one of your fellow bloggers! I will definitely check out the blogs you suggested... said...

Thank you! - but OH GOSh I screwed up. I only re-nominated 3.
Have a fabulous day!