Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Garden at 6 Weeks

Our garden is getting off to a good but slow start. The weather has been unusually cool for Southern California and I think that is keeping the growth steady, but slow. The squash and beans are really affected by the cooler temperatures, but everything seems to be growing ok.
We covered the potatoes for the 4th and last time today and I planted another section of green beans, beets, radishes and a few more French melon seeds.
We are supposed to be getting warmer weather this week so that should help with the heat loving plants.

love the color of the eggplant's flowers, aubergine!

these sunflowers have grown a foot this week!

And be sure and check this blog tomorrow for a huge list of bloggers who are having Give Aways this week.


Annabella said...

Your garden is fabulous Diane! Can`t wait to see the harvests as they occur. I`ll pop back later for the giveaways.

Geri Centonze said...

Looking great! I forwarded this blog post to Megan - her and Zach have a garden too.

Andrea Pisano said...

beautiful flower color of eggplant .. I love your garden!

Sally said...

Your garden looks awesome! Sooo organized, too! I only just planted my garden about two weeks ago, so not too much noticeable growth yet.