Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grandkids, an old friend and machine quilting...

These were the subjects of the majority of our weekend.
Friday night 4 of our grandkids spent the night so their parents could have a night off and celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. The evening couldn't have gone better. Pizza, Tae Kwon Do lessons, running around in the backyard, ice cream for dessert and then it was time to get ready for bed. Makenzie and Eden had fun going through my mom's treasure chest  box of junk, the boys had races in the backyard and rode their scooters in the cul de sac. It reminded me of the old days when our 4 boys would play in the street until it was dark outside. The best part was that all the kids stayed in their beds all night and slept to a decent hour in the morning. Yeah!

Saturday night we met one of Mr. Romance's classmates from Loyola Dental School in LA. He was in town for a dental related thing and we were so happy to drive up to LA and meet him for dinner. Roger was one of Paul's closest friends throughout the 4 years of school in Chicago. It was so nice to see him. We asked our son to recommend a restaurant in LA and he did. *RIVERA*

It was very LA. Delicious food, small plates, good drinks, big prices! It was the kind of restaurant you eat in and leave wanting more. So what do you do with a friend visiting Los Angeles from walk around LA LIVE to see all the strange LA people
in front of the Staples Center
me and Chick Hearn

and then you go to Tommy's.

Tommy's is a Los  Angeles landmark. It will be 65 years old this month. It's a stand up hamburger stand and it is delicious. Chili on the burger! It's a 5 napkin burger, for sure!
Roger loved it!

I can't believe we ate dinner and then went to a hamburger place AFTERWARDS!

Well maybe I can believe tummy wasn't feeling so good this morning.

Sunday, after church, I worked on my H2H charity quilt. I had decided to machine quilt it in a straight line, easy, no free motion, easy, just keep it simple....oh heck. I am now ripping out 8 rows of stitching and I will hand quilt it. I just cannot get the hang of the machine quilting thing. The back got all puckered. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I think I did it correctly. I taped the back to the floor, layered it and pinned every 6".

Rolled it up very carefully and started sewing in the middle with my walking foot.

After finishing half the quilt in one direction i noticed I had little puckers sewn into the back. So out came the seam ripper and I am ripping stitches tonight.
I guess I need to take a machine quilting class...or just keep sending my quilt tops out to be quilted.
I hope you all had a great weekend, too!


Geri said...

Looks like a fun weekend...mayne a class would help you with the machine quilting...I'm sure there's some secret to doing it so it doesn't pucker.

Dana said...

Thanks for the lovley message on blog. Are you using a walking foot? I find this helps no end with machine quilting,that, and basting from the middle outwards, smoothing the fabric as I go,and taping the backing to the floor also helps. Your quilt looks lovely though and the colours :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your weekend. What fun. As for the machine quilting...use a walking foot, start in the center of the quilt working from the center to one side and then starting in the center again to complete the other side. Hope this helps! Also Singer has a machine quilting book that is really helpful....:)

She Who Carries Camera said...

Two dinners in one evening ~ I'm impressed! We also have a landmark burger joint in Atlanta called The Varsity. The greasier the better!! Great onion rings. We make sure not to go too often!

Good luck with the quilt! Unfortunately, I've never had the patience to attempt one.