Friday, May 13, 2011

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

Remember when you were a teenager and you looked in the back of a magazine and you could sign up for a pen pal? My pen pal was from Korea and her name was Joom Soon Chung. We wrote back and forth for about 2 years and then her letters stopped coming. I always wondered what happened. Did the government hold her mail? Did she die? Did she just lose interest in writing? I can't find Joom Soon Chung again but I can participate in a postcard swap. Kat is hosting this event. All you have to do is make 5  photo postcards featuring your own artwork or creativity and mail them to Kat. You can click on the link below and read all the rules. It's quite simple and I have already made my postcards. 
Here is what I will be sending to her.
Won't you join me in the worldwide postcard swap? It will be fun to see everyone's creativity.