Thursday, June 23, 2011

and the correct answer is..

Since Helen said Vancouver or Seattle and Cindy guessed correctly with Seattle I decided to put both names in a hat and Mr. R drew Helen's name.
So Helen, I will be sending you an email to ask for your mailing address and sending you a postcard from Seattle, where we are having a wonderful time.

This morning we went to a Polish Pottery store that had the most beautiful bowls, serve ware and other table wares. I hope we can visit the factory next year when we go to Poland. And then we went into a quilt shop. I didn't buy anything in the quilt store because there was nothing that I couldn't get at home.
This afternoon we went on a walking food tour. It was great. We tasted everything from risotto and red wine to beer and cheese. Our favorites were the pizza and the Pad Thai, Vietnamese style. Seeing the gum wall was a highlight. It's just covered with gum that people have stuck on the wall. 
The weather is wonderful and we are glad we came here to celebrate our anniversary.


Annabella said...

Well I wouldn`t have guessed Seattle so you are quite a long way from home! The only things I know about Seattle are that it`s beautiful and of course Frasier was set there. That`s it. Happy 39th Anniversary to you both - we are up to 11 so a way to go yet. The gum wall has put me off my breakfast but thoughts of Pad Thai are making things better. Lovely images!

Cindy said...

I'm originally from Seattle so that is why I said Seattle. Be sure to go to the West Seattle Fabric Store in West Seattle. Also on 3rd & Virginia is an awesome pizza place called Serious Pie. Unbelievable pizza. A romantic dinner try, Salty's on Alki or Salty's on Redondo (redondo is more romantic). Have a great time. I love that place when it is nice out and beautiful.

She Who Carries Camera said...

Never been there but heard it's great! Have fun!

So what was that totem pole looking thing?