Sunday, July 17, 2011

Having a Chef for a Son

We had some friends over for a casual dinner on Saturday. I wanted to make something easy but still tasty so I called our son, the chef.
The conversation went something like this on Friday,
me: "Hi, Evan, remember those yummy lamb chops you made for us a few weeks ago? Can I have the recipe for the marinade?"
Evan: "You are in luck, Mom, we did an event last night and we made them and I have about 75 leftover. How many people are you serving?"
me: "oh just 5 or 6"
Evan: "Ok, You'll need about 30. Come to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, we are doing a demo there. I'll have them for you"
So I go to the farmer's market, watch the demo and while there I pick up some berries and a lemon pound cake for dessert, too. Get the lamb chops from Evan and I'm on my merry way.
Who says having a chef for a son doesn't have it's perks? NOT ME!
My sister snapped this photo of Evan in action over the July 4th weekend and then processed it with the Pioneer Woman's Heartland action for PSE. Everyone, including me, says it should be the cover of his cookbook, when he writes one.

photo taken by Geri Centonze  of

He's worked hard to earn this title and we are so proud of him!

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Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Awesome picture! Yes, it would be perfect for a book cover. Congrats to Evan!

Jan said...

Great photo of a great son. You're right to be proud.

Geri said...

We are proud of him too! My only question is why do you need 30 lambchops to feed 5 or 6???

Annabella said...

Ooh...I love lamb chops...what was in the marinade?