Sunday, October 30, 2011

New to me this week on Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest? It is a wealth of information and inspiration. Here are a few of the photos that peaked my interest this week.

I decided to give the Halloween Rice Krispie Surprise cake a try. I make a treat for our grandkids that live nearby, so this was a perfect time to try this "cake". 

It took 2 1/2 times the amount of the usual recipe of Rice Krispie Treats to make the pumpkin and then build the cake around it.

I used 2-8"x2" buttered cake pans and then filled in the middle.

Ready to cool before frosting

I used a yummy dark chocolate frosting

And here's my version of the surprise.

The kids were excited

 Eden had to put on her tiara before she would let Papa take her photo tasting the treat.

 A thumbs up from Makenzie lets me know I did good!

 Happy Halloween!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

This is my second time to participate in  the Blogger's Quilt Festival. What a great way to see a beautiful quilt show from around the world and not have to leave the comfort of your couch or office chair. Trying to decide which quilt to enter this year was easy. I decided to show my Hexagon Park Quilt that I made earlier this year. I love this quilt for so many reasons.

1. The beautiful Giddy fabrics by Sandy Gervais.

2. The Hexagon Park pattern by the incredibly talented Lynne was easy to follow.
3. Since making this quilt Lynne and I have become bloggy buddies and I have learned so much from her blog.
4. It was my first time to make an improv pieced back on a quilt.

5. After making this quilt I decided to send it to my dear, dear friend, who has early onset Alzheimer's disorder.

6. The label has special meaning because Darlene and I had a history of letter writing, back in the 70's and 80's when people actually used to send a letter by the postal service.

A quilt is not just a blanket, it doesn't just keep someone warm. Making a quilt for someone shows them how much you love and appreciate them. It let's them know that your time and love was put into making them a special gift. Quilting is not just a hobby for me, but a way to give those I love a special part of my time and talent. I might not be the most creative quilter out there but that doesn't stop me. I love to make quilts and I love the quilt blogging community.

Please stop by Amy's blog to see all the other beautiful creations. I know I will be checking them out, for sure.

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Beebolt Block finish

I finished the Beebolt block with the fabrics we were given in our swag bags at the Sewing Summit. This is a great idea...we were each given a little packet of fabric squares and told to make any block we wanted, 8.5" square. I decided on wonky stars, but I am terrible at quilt math and so it ended up measuring 9.5" square, thus the odd sized blocks within the block, I had to trim it to make it the correct size. But, I have to admit, I love this block.
All the blocks will be made into a quilt or two, to be auctioned off at the second annual Sewing Summit, next year. All the proceeds will be going to Project Linus. I enjoy making these blocks or small projects for charity. I think I might join a charity bee.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hard Hat Kitchen Tour

Yesterday, Mr. Romance and I got to take the hard hat kitchen tour of the new restaurant where our son is working. The restaurant won't open for another 2 months but things are really starting to happen and before we know it we will be attending the special, by invitation only, grand opening of THE RANCH RESTAURANT and SALOON,in Anaheim, California. Evan has been working here for almost a year. Every detail down to what plate to order and which vendors to use has been researched and planned. This will be a wonderful and delicious restaurant. We are so proud of Evan. Although it is not "his" restaurant, he has worked hard to make it an exceptional dining experience for all. He and his executive chef have been given carte blanche when it comes to ordering all the equipment and supplies. Just check out all this cool kitchen equipment.
That faux wood floor is genius! Tile for wearability and the look of wood for beauty! There will be dancing and country music in the saloon and delicious food in the restaurant. Make sure to add it to your must restaurant list if you are ever near Anaheim, California...and tell them "di" sent ya!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joanie's Bag, a Tutorial

Joanie’s Bag
This is my first attempt at a tutorial. Any questions, email me. I hope I was clear enough. It's really just your basic market bag with a huge, gathered flower attached. Good Luck!
Finished bag is approx. 15” wide X 12” tall X 3” deep.

This flower can be added to your favorite bag pattern. It is so simple.
I used a total of 5 different black and white prints for this bag. One for the outside, one for the lining and then the lining fabric plus three more for the rosette.
To make the large rosette you will need:
4 different black and white prints (or whatever colors you are using).
Cut one strip from each of two of the fabrics 8” wide by the width of fabric (about 40” without selvages).
Cut one strip from the remaining 2 fabrics.
One 8” wide by 36” long. The other 6” wide by 36” long.
Fold each strip in half, length wise, and press. Zigzag over a length of Perle Cotton near the raw edges of the folded strip. Make sure to knot one end so it doesn’t pull through when you gather your fabrics, or sew over one end to keep it in place.

 Do this to all strips. Sew ends of each strip together with French seams. All strips except the middle one. Finish the edges of that strip with a turned edge.
 First strip-pull the Perle cotton to gather the strip. Arrange in a circle on one side of the purse. Pin then sew in place, being careful to flatten as you go to keep the gathers in place.
Repeat with the second and third strips working on top of each layer and making your circle a little smaller as you go.
For the last strip you can go around 1-2 times.

 Cut a 5” circle of the fabric you want to use in the center of the rosette. I fussy cut mine so it features a flower from the fabric I used on the body of the bag. Sew a gathering stitch around the outside edge of the circle. Pull to start forming a little pouch. Fill with pillow stuffing, fiberfill or batting. Pull tight and hand stitch closed. Hand stitch this center to the flower to finish it off. In this example I did not make the center filled with batting, but left it flat because it was a little too big. 
 Front of bag is finished now continue to make the rest of the bag.
 You can see that the original bag's flower center ruffle is bigger than this one. I like the bigger one better. This is what happens when you start your first ruffle circle too big.
To make this bag
Outside Fabric:
2 pieces of black and white fabric cut 16” x 13”
1 piece cut 12” x 4”
Lining cut the same as above
Handles: 2- 3” X 30” strips cut of all fabrics

Fusible batting
2 pieces cut 15” X 12”
1 piece cut 3” X 11”
4 pieces cut 1.5” X 29”
Cut  1 piece 11” X 3”

Press the fusible batting to each of the two outside fabric pieces and the bottom piece.

Quilt any way you want. I used a cross hatch pattern, about 2” apart, on the diagonal. On the bottom I did not quilt on the diagonal, just straight to line up with the cut sides.
Sew sides together. Press seams open.

To attach bottom to the bag mark center of the bottom piece and center of the bag piece. Matching centers, stitch starting and ending stitching  ¼”- ½” from the edge of the bottom piece. Now open the bag bottom and match edges and sew across the opening to catch all corners into the seam. 

Bottom of the bag.

 Sew lining side seams the same way you sewed the outside of the bag.
 Make handles by pressing the fusible batting to 4 different fabrics. Then press all pieces in half, lengthwise, right sides out. Using all five fabrics, braid any way you want to make the long braided strips. Stitch ends in place to help keep braids in place.
To attach the handles, set handle edge about ¼” above raw edge of the top of the bag.  I placed mine 3” from the side seams.

Place bag, right side out inside of lining, right side in, so right sides of both bag and lining are facing each other. Sew all around the top, reinforcing the stitching with a back and forth stitch over the handles. Leave an opening of about 4 inches between one set of handles to turn bag. Now turn the bag, right side out and press the top. Topstitch all around the top of the bag.
Add your label and you are finished.

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