Thursday, December 1, 2011

It can't be December 1, 2011, can it?

A new month means linking up to Lynne at Lily's Quilts for her Fresh Sewing Day
Fresh Sewing Day
It can't really be possible that it is December 1, 2011. The year has flown by!
I did manage to finish a few projects, both large and small. My biggest accomplishment was finishing the Baby Carrot quilt. I know you are probably sick of hearing about it, but it did take me a long time to finish with the hand quilting and also my very first FMQ finish.
My easiest finish of the month was a quick Hello Kitty scarf for my sweet granddaughter, Davis.
When I visited her earlier this month and was wearing a scarf, the first thing she said to me was, "Bubbi, I don't have a scarf!". Off to the fabric store I went the next day to buy some cute fabrics to whip up a little scarf for her. I also made my mom a new zipper pouch for her walker. I didn't know until I asked that my mom's favorite color is purple.
So my mosaic would not look so pitiful, I included the applesauce we made after a day of apple picking, the fabric I cut for my turn as Queen Bee in the New Bee on the Block quilt bee and the pieced top I have begun for my son's fire house quilt.
There's a bee block in there, too,  for Miss November's Mondrian inspired blocks.

Now December 1 also means the pressure is on for my youngest son, Kyle, to make his annual music video for his gift to the family. This one from 2008 is a favorite. Although a certain son's former wife is no longer a family member, this video is still great fun to watch. It's also fun because one of Kyle's best friend is Brandon, the drummer in the very popular band Atreyu. Brandon sings back-up on the video and helped Kyle with some of the lyrics and mixing the song.


Katy Cameron said...

Well hey linky list neighbour! Love your mosaic, and hey, if Laura can have a potato, you can have apple sauce :oD

Geri Centonze said...

Love that photo of Davis! Looks like she's a Hello Kitty fan too!

Danny said...

Tell Kyle I LOVE his video! haha! That's such a neat idea. And believe it or not, I've seen Atreyu a few times. I had a high school friend who was very into them but she never wanted to go to their shows by herself.

Flying Blind... said...

Cool video!!
And great makes too Di x

susan said...

Arrghh! I have no sound on my computer. Will have to go see where Em put my iPad. Love your mosaic and think you got lots done!!

JanuaryT said...

I just popped over from flickr. I just joined the quilt bee as well. I love your big star quilt so pretty. I look forward to checking out your blog.
January T

Kirsten N said...

Love your mosaic - especially the pinwheel and large star quilts!

Leanne said...

I think you have a lovely mosaic and I loved the video!