Thursday, March 1, 2012

Granny Square QAL

I've jumped on board the Granny Square bandwagon.
This block is so fun and easy.
My friend, Dana, has this QAL running on her Flickr group right now.
I am using my Fat 8th bundle of Reunion and think this will be the quilt for one of my three friend's 60th birthdays this year. 
I'm thinking this will be a perfect quilt for Miss October.

Poorly lit photos, again!
These blocks are quick and easy to make.
There is a great tutorial here.
They are 9" unfinished, so I am thinking I need to make about 90 
of these little babies. It's a good thing I have the entire line of this fabric. 
It's going to make such a great gift for my friend.

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Susan Snooks said...

Oh, I am so trying to resist starting these blocks!! Yours are seriously testing my resolve!! They are lovely!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

You are right they are lovely, but I have so many other things to be thinking about!!

dutchcomfort said...

I’m still resisting, but seeing your gorgeous blocks I also want on the bandwagon!

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, I love that reunion line, and that looks like the perfect way to use it. I do love those blocks, but I think I may just make 1 or 2 for use in other projects :o)

Cindy Sharp said...


Carla said...

Fabulous blocks. Makes me want to get downstairs and sew more but I am busy getting caught up on blog reading. Cheers!!

Go-Go Kim said...

Very nice fabric choice! I am crossing my fingers I will be on that wagon with you soon!!!! Super cute blocks!

Annabella said...

Oh I think I may jump on this bandwagon - they do look easy enough and the result is great for the effort involved. Make room on the bandwagon!

Shontelle said...

Your granny squares look fab. I am trying hard to resist the pull of the granny square...I can feel my resolve weakening.

Sweet Woodruff said...

Love them and your fabric choices.

Cindy said...

Great job! I like how you did the color combinations. I started cutting so I'm behind on this QAL. Keep up the good work.

LuLu said...

So so cute! I have been seeing these lately. And everytime I want to jump on board. I love the Reunion fabrics! Whoever receives this quilt is very lucky!