Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Wednesday, Again

This week, my goal was to finish the last block of the swoon-along quilt.
 I am happy to say that not only did I finish the square, but I got all the squares sashed and sewn together, cornerstones and all.
 It was so windy today. Mr. R held the quilt in place for me but I really could not get a decent photo.

So I took an inside photo of the quilt on the carpet.
A big thank you to Katy I'm a Ginger Monkey for starting the quilt-along on Flickr. It was the kick in the butt I needed to get this quilt finished. I started it back in August of last year. I'll be sending this quilt to the long arm quilter because at nearly 90 inches square it is just too big to try and wrangle through my machine, especially with my limited knowledge of machine quilting.
Another goal this week was to make 6 more granny squares. I just love making these cute little blocks. I can whip through 6 in a few hours. Hopefully, I can get 6 more finished before the weekend.
This is what they might look like sashed in blue.

So far I have 24 blocks completed. I like them the best sashed in grey. Each time I make a few I audition another sashing color using the collage tool on Picassa . I can play with the block arrangement on Picassa, too. I'm making a queen sized quilt with these blocks, so I am about 1/3 of the way finished.

Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting was my partner in the Mouthy Stitches swap. She made my day yesterday with the sweetest email thanking me for her gift and then wrote a very lovely post on her blog today. It's nice to know your partner is appreciative of your work whenever you are in a swap.
That's the upside of swaps and bees. The disappointment is when you are in a bee with 11 other people and it was your month to be queen (in January) and there are still 3 more people who have not sent you your blocks. What do you do when you get yourself in this situation? 

I accidentally pre-ordered Flea Market Fancy from two different online stores. They both arrived this week and I am so excited to cut into these fabrics. I need to come up with a really great plan for them.
No Progress
Made in Cherry needs to be basted
+ and x blocks

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tusen said...

Your Swoon looks so lovely. Great choice of fabrics, they look really good in these blocks.

Brigitte said...

I love your granny square quilt with the Reunion fabrics. They are perfect for this project (I have to keep that in mind and try one too). The grey is beautiful for sashing.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Accidentally ordered FMF twice? I accidentally only ordered once!

Love your Swoon, love the Mouthy love but don't get the Bee slacking - kick some butt Di!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Oh and the granny squares look totally amazing!

Canadian Abroad said...

How on earth do you accidentally order twice?! You are too funny. Love Swoon, granny squares and you!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

The Swoon is so beautiful! Really pretty and summery :) The grannies look wonderful and I agree the grey sashing looks great.
Oh the FMF, beautiful!! I managed to order a bit but missed out on some prints and the budget won't allow for more. It looks yum!
Hope you get your other blocks soon :)

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

aaaahhh...lovely quilts! Bet you could do Swoon on the Bernina though! The longer arm makes SUCH a difference!

Katy Cameron said...

Loving your Heirloom Swoon - how appropriate that it will get to be a family heirloom, must have been why it named it that, huh? ;o)

I adore the grannies, and I think the grey works too.

And as for the FMF, sure it was an accident. I believe you. 1,000s wouldn't... ;o)

Jennifer said...

Your swoon is fabulous! I saw Cindy's post yesterday, amazing job with the mouthy stitches swap, maybe subconsciously you ordered 2 to use one now, and hold onto the other to use when its not for sale anymore :) two orders seems like an excellent idea to me! Have a great day!

Leanne said...

I totally accidentally order some things twice, nothing unusual there. I love your quilt and the blocks. I hope you bee mates catch up soon.

Anonymous said...

I love your 'Swoon' quilt - it is soo soft looking! Can't wait to see it finished.

My favourite color of sashing for your granny squares is grey - it defines the blocks, but seems to boost their individuality. (does that make sense)

Love your blog too - you really inspire me.

Danny Heyen said...

Awe! Ordered twice? I think now you can make a bigger quit from them! Maybe add them to your x and + blocks to get that big quilt you wanted going.

As always, your blocks are fantastic. I'm really liking the grey too. Good choice.

LuLu said...

Your swoon looks fantastic! I finished mine in December and it's still sitting folded in my closet. I really need to choose a backing and take it to the LAQ! And I don't think you will regret having all of the FMF. And I agree that the gray sashing is so pretty with your granny squares. You're cranking!

Artfulife said...

Your Swoon quilt looks amazing! A friend & I just ordered the pattern & I'm hoping to start on mine sometime next weel. Love how your granny squares are turning out too.

Anonymous said...

Great Job! You really accomplished a lot this week.
Love your swoon. Peggy

Unknown said...

Di!! I want to come sew with you! I love your swoon quilt. that Heirloom is so so pretty. And you are the 2nd person to have granny squares today and I reeeeallly want to do those too. My mom is coming for a month after hubs leaves so I'm hoping to be super productive then!

Thanks for linking up!!

Kristen said...

Ooh! Twice the loveliness!! Nice finish on that Swoon quilt. I love the mockup on the grannies. My choice is the gray.