Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Week in 2012, #10

Week 10 of this year has to go down as a really great week in the record books for me. Things just seemed to fall into place for me. 

Earlier this week, I received the book I had ordered from Blog2Book. Dana Old Red Barn Co. has mentioned this company on her blog. They take your blog and turn it into a hard bound book, to keep as a journal, forever. I ordered the first few months of my blog, from August 2010-December 2010, just to see how I like it. Now I can hardly wait to order the next 6 months or so.  Since I write about so many things besides quilting, I thought it will be a great journal to have for future generations.

We had an enjoyable visit from our eldest son and his family. They spent two days at Disneyland and then were with us the rest of the time. While they were gone on Thursday, I managed to finish 6 granny squares, bringing my total up to 18. I like auditioning the sashing using Picassa photo editor. So far, the grey has my vote.

I mailed my FTLOS swap gift to my partner. That means I should be getting something in the mail very soon, as well.

Friday, while out shopping for groceries for the brunch I planned to prepare on Saturday, I ran into a local bakery had closed it's doors. Gone out of business. Now what was I to do for the challah that I use for the French Toast I was planning to make for our family brunch? That's simple, call  my son, the chef, and ask him where to get bread. He called his restaurant supplier and she said come on over to the bakery. I walked in to a fabulous operation for the restaurant industry only and she said I could have all the bread I wanted, FOR FREE! S*C*O*R*E!
Three huge loaves of delicious sourdough (that I brought home and put in the freezer) and 2 dozen brioche rolls. I used the brioche rolls to make the French Toast and it was delicious!

A little later,  while in the market getting a few more supplies, I receive a text from my friend, Jennifer Ellsion Lane Quilts. 
That's right, another Mr. R loves me. Mr. Random Number Generator! Out of 245 entries mine was one of the lucky two entries chosen randomly to win a $75 gift card for Fat Quarter Shop in Jennifer's Modern Mini Quilt Challenge. S*C*O*R*E again! See, I told you I had a good week. What would you buy with $75 at FQ Shop?
I guess visual tension can be lucky sometimes. A big congratulations to Angela,  Pea Tea Nguyen, Melissa and Debbie the other winners in the challenge.

The grandkids were fun and well behaved. How can you not love those cute faces.
We got together on Saturday morning for an easy brunch. In between work schedules and baseball and soccer games we managed to all get together, except for one daughter-in-law (who had a baby shower to attend).
The grandkids had a bug and lizard hunt in the backyard.
It looks more like Sammy thinks he is on an African safari with a spear ready to throw!

We also got the kids to pose for a few photos. With 8 kids this is not an easy task.

We only got three of four brothers together for a photo. 

I told you it was a good week!
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Cindy said...

Sounds like a great weekend Di!

Carla said...

Lovely blocks and congrats on the win!. Lovely family too

Richard Healey said...

Totally love the grannies they look wonderful.

Canadian Abroad said...

What a fabulous week! And such a good balance of family, sewing, food and winnings.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

An awesome week indeed! Congratulations again on the Modern Mini win - don't spend it all at once x

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

It sounds WONDERFUL! Send a little of your luck my way please!!

Annabella said...

...and some luck to me please. I need it! Sounds like a wonderful week and wishing you many more. x

Katy Cameron said...

Wow, that was an amazing week! Love your reunion grannies and congrats on the bread and fabric wins! Glad you had loads of family fun too :o)

WandaFish said...

What a great week and a lovely happy post! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your win :)

Geri said...

Congrats on your win. Love the cousin photos, especially the one of them all laying down - so cute! Jack is the picture of Brent. Whenever I try to picture his face I keep getting Brent when he was a boy - they are so alike!

LuLu said...

Congrats all the way around! You certainly did have a fantastic week. If I were you I would snatch up all of the Flea Market Fancy with your FQS gift certificate. No doubt.